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Welding & fabrication

In partnership with a local company we can offer the following:

CNC Laser Cutting: High quality and efficient cutting results that can; along with all steel types, machine aluminium-magnesium alloys of up to 12mm in thickness and stainless steel of up to 15mm.

CNC Punching: Punches with capabilities of 20 Tonne, 1000 hits per minute, 6.4mm material and 2500mm x 1250mm sheet. Also guillotine capability of cutting up to 12mm thick mild steel plate and 8 mm thick stainless steel plate.

CNC Metal Forming: Press brakes that allows for efficient and accurate forming capabilities with a wide tooling range, quick set-up and exceptional repeatability.

Powder Coating: From 3 stage iron phosphate pre=treatment to specialist paint finishes and screen printing. A wide range of finishes is available for all sub-straight materials. We can also cater for zinc plating, allochrome, anodising and bead blasting.

Inserting and Welding: Welding capabilities include high efficiency hydraulic insert presses with automated feed, spot welding, MIG and TIG welding, Gas welding and Stud welding.

We also provide on-site services from fully trained coded welders.